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The NEW Private Facebook Group For Young Living Members Who Want To Grow Their Businesses...And Have A TON Of Fun Doing It!
Dear YL Member,
What do you need to be more successful in growing your YL business?

Often, people will answer, "More product knowledge," "More skills," or "More people to talk to."

All good things, but the fact is there are plenty of great resources already out there to help with these things.

The truth is, when people are struggling and tempted to give up, they often feel sad, embarrassed, and very alone.

That's when the real problems come out...they'll say things like...

"Even when I try, no one seems to notice." Or,

"I'm just not having fun anymore." Or,

"I wish I had a running buddy...someone to hold me accountable."

If you've ever said (or thought) things like this...or if you just want to take your business to the next level...and have a LOT of fun doing it, I've got great news for you...

My name is Shari Hall (YL Gold Leader), and I'm starting a NEW private Facebook group, My Running Buddies, for people just like you!

The group does not officially open until September 1st, but we are busy now getting everything ready...this will be a group like nothing you've ever seen before! (I'm soooo excited!!)

But first, I NEED YOUR HELP...

We have lots of great things planned, but you to really succeed, this group has to give you what YOU want...

Would you mind taking a minute to answer the question on the following page?

Even if you don't end up joining the group, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you very much for helping make this the best YL group EVER!

Simply Answer This One Question And You Get ONE FREE MONTH
In My Running Buddies!
Imagine You Had the Perfect "Running Buddy"...

OK, What ONE THING would Your Buddy Do that Would Help You The Most?
Remember, I want to hear from you! Answer this one question for me and you will get one FREE month in the
My Running Buddies
private Facebook group...
there is no obligation or expectation...
I just want to say THANK YOU!
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