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Celebrating and Supporting You and Your Team Through
Recognition, Accountability, and Rewards
My Running Buddies...
Recognition: Celebrations weekly with Live Recognition so you and your team can start each week feeling great about your accomplishments.

Accountability: Ongoing accountability to help increase you and your team members' skills and confidence. Successful people are accountable people!
Quality gifts sent out for achieving enrollments, ranks, and team milestones so you tangibly know that your valuable work is making a difference.
 Daily themes to help develop your mindset and grow your business covered in the fun of random happy mail surprises arriving in random group members' mailboxes.
It's time to bring the JOY back into our Young Living business!
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ONE TIME OFFER - SAVE $100!: Everyone knows that the race to build the income of your dreams is not a quick sprint and it's going to take more than a month or two. My Running Buddies is a community of business builders who are committed to success...and we reward commitment. When you pay for the full year now, you will only be charged $139.64...Compared to the monthly rate, you save $100!

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